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United College of Technology (Pvt) Ltd. TM Provides essential information for all Information Technology & Technical Management Study Courses. We hope you will find it a helpful and lively introduction to our courses and our educational, social, and recreational facilities. From our website you will notice that we are giving quality training & education with Professional Skills, offering a comprehensive program of studies at the Certificate, one-year Diploma, & two years Diploma levels.

The United College of Technology (Pvt) Ltd. TM has a highly qualified teaching faculty that provides instruction to students in information technology, technical trainings, and training to undertake international-level tests to become international experts & professionals. We are forever reassessing ourselves and our programs in order to develop and improve courses for meeting the ever-changing demands of the world and for preparing students for high professional standards while at the same time promoting personal growth.

United College of Technology (Pvt) Ltd. TM believes that every student has the requisite potential and our aim is to see that this potential is realized and fulfilled. Such a committed, learner-centered approach to education means that we have a happy and purposeful community that strives for excellence in all academic activities.

We are all proud of our achievements. And we can assure you that if you choose to achieve Information Technology & Technical Qualifications with us here, your time will be stimulating and rewarding and you will develop understanding, reasoning, originality, and creativity in your personality.


Tanveer Hussain

CEO / Principle

United College of Technology (Pvt) Ltd. TM 

United College of technology

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver quality education and training to all the learners around the globe, we maintain high standard affiliations, and high esteem faculty members to deliver education and training.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver renowned training, certifications, and qualifications to learners; for this, we have affiliations with different bodies around the globe.

  • Promote and provide demand-driven technical education & vocational training.
  • Re-engineer and consolidate the existing technical education and vocational training
  • Develop a dynamic technical and vocational training system to ensure horizontal
  • Upgrade the teaching abilities, skills and knowledge of the teaching staff.
  • Upgrade teaching equipment to the required standards.
  • Assess the manpower training needs in the context of domestic and global markets.
  • Enhance the participation of the private sector in training activities at the management level.
  • Establish a system of public coordination through Boards of Management at District level,
  • coordinating all institutions in the district and their administration.
  • Set up a regular monitoring, evaluation, and feedback system for vocational training and teaching education to respond efficiently to the existing and changing demands of the economy.
  • Develop & regulate examinations, trade Testing & certification systems to ensure uniformity of education & training standards.
  • Prepare training plans, programs and projects keeping in view the local as well as foreign manpower training requirements.
  • Study and propose changes to the existing training legislation.
  • Develop and offer need-based short courses in the sector of new technologies to the industry, as well as services for solutions regarding associated production problems.
  • Establish a staff development system to offer demand oriented teacher & instructor training and upgrade performance.
  • Organize and conduct seminars & workshops for various types of personnel associated with vocational training and technical education.
  • Establish data banks for skilled workers and technicians.

Tanveer Hussain

CEO / Principle

United College of Technology (Pvt) Ltd. TM


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